Find out all frequently ask question on LeagueX

What is LeagueX?

LeagueX is a virtual gaming platform that takes the game one step further from being a spectator sport to a sport that fans can actively involve in. We are one of the players in India’s virtual gaming scene and offer fantasy cricket to ardent gamers with more people joining us each day. We know how IPL season stirs up the fans and to keep them in an all time high, we give them the chance to be squad owners themselves on our fantasy platform.

All you need is your cricket knowledge and good decision-making skills to build your LeagueX squad within the maximum of 100 Cr . Your squad earns points according to the performance of the players selected by you in the real-life matches. So pick your players wisely!

How do I register?

Registering to LeagueX is easy peasy. All you need to do is to log on to LeagueX and register yourself by giving a valid email address and password or by registering via any of your Facebook or Google accounts.

After registering yourself successfully, you can create your squad with your favourite players and participate in leagues to collect some winnings!

How can I change my password?

Once you are logged into your LeagueX account, click on your squad icon on the left side of the dashboard and click ‘Change Password’.

Why can't I login to my LeagueX account?

If you have been typing your correct email address and password but still unable to login, simply click on ‘Forgot Password’ and enter your registered email and we’ll take it from there. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive a link in your inbox to reset your password with which you can choose a new password for your LeagueX account.

However, if you don’t remember your registered email address with us, feel free to reach out to us at Contact Us.

Can I create multiple fantasy Cricket accounts with the same email address?

Sadly, you can’t. You can only create one account with one email address on LeagueX. We don’t allow users to create multiple accounts as it violates our Fairplay policy. However, if you’re thinking you need to have multiple accounts to have multiple squads, you’re in for a surprise. On LeagueX, you can own up to 4 squads with one single account.

Can I update my information?

Easily. Here’s how: Click on your squad icon on the LeagueX dashboard from where you can edit or update a number of details about you. You can edit your full name, mobile number, date of birth, and address. Please note that your squad name can’t be changed later.

I have the right LeagueX credentials but still can't login.

Really? That doesn’t sound right. If you are sure you are using the right credentials but are not able to login, please reach out to us at Contact Us.

I did not get any confirmation email after I signed up. / I tried changing my password but did not receive any email with change password link.

If this is the case, there can be two reasons:

  • The email could have directly gone to your Spam folder. And all you need to do is check your Spam folder and mark the LeagueX email as ‘Not Spam’. And just so you continue to receive emails from LeagueX, you can add no-reply@leaguex.com to your email contacts.
  • You may have used a different email address than the one you used to register with us. In this case, simply write to us and we’ll sort it out for you.
  • I am very new to cricket. Can I still play?

    There’s no need to worry if you don’t know much about cricket. As you continue to play on LeagueX, you gain more insights and cricket trivia with each game. And if you’d like to practise more, you can always play free leagues before participating in cash and private leagues.

How to play
How do I play on LeagueX?

Here’s how you get started:

  • Register on LeagueX and pick your sport.
  • Create Your squad of 11 players including Captain and Vice-Captain for the match you want to join by using an allocated budget of 100 Cr.
  • Participate in any free or cash league on LeagueX to win cash and prove yourself as a skilled player! Cash leagues let you win cash and require an entry fee which you can pay via your credit or debit card, net banking or PayTM.
  • Once the real match starts, you can follow the live match. The actual performance of the players you select determine the points earned by your squad, so pick wisely! Final points, winners, and ranks are declared after the match gets over.
How do I create my LeagueX Squad?

After registering your LeagueX account, click on the ‘Create Squad’ option for the match you’d like to join. Create your squad of 11 players including Captain and Vice-Captain for the match you want to join by using an allocated budget of 100 Cr.

Is it possible to change my LeagueX Squad for future rounds?

Definitely! You need to create a new squad for every match on LeagueX.

What if one of my chosen players does not play in the real match?

Tough luck. This is why it’s important to pick your squad players carefully. Any player chosen by you who does not make it to the match does not get any points in the LeagueX match. We keep the team picking open till the match starts so that you can pick the right playing eleven.

How many players do I need to create my LeagueX squad?

You need a total of 11 players with a minimum of 3 Batsmen, 3 Bowlers, 1 Wicket Keeper and 4 players from any role(Batsmen, Bowlers, wicket-keepers and all-rounders)

Can I pick players from one side only?

You can select a maximum of 7 players from any side, and the remaining need to belong to the other side.

I spent all of the allocated budget before selecting all 11 players. How do I complete my squad now?

This is the tricky part. What you can do now is to re-pick the players who have lesser credits assigned to them and come up with a combination of players of higher and lesser credits which can be in your squad for 100 Cr or under.

What is the Captain’s role in the squad?

The player that you choose to be your squad’s Captain earn 2 times the points for his performance and similarly, the Vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points. So let’s hope you picked a good one!

How long does it take to see the changes when I make changes to my squad?

Well you see them instantaneously! Moreover, you can make unlimited changes to your squad any time before the deadline hits for the match.

When do you update the squads for LeagueX rounds?

The squads for matches being featured on LeagueX continue to get updated till the deadline for that match. So just sit tight and keep an eye on such updates till the deadline of your match hits!

How do I see my squad’s rank?

You can see your squad’s rank once the match starts. Simply click on the match that you have created for your squad, if the real match is live, you can see all the leagues you have joined for that match, on your dashboard.

How do I change my squad’s name?

Sadly, you can’t. The squad name that you give while registering with LeagueX is permanent, you can only change it one more time and then you won’t be able to change it anymore.

How can I create multiple squads for the same match?

You can easily create another squad once you have created your first squad. Simply click on ‘Create squad 2’ option under My Squad tab on the dashboard to create another squad. Later, you can see all your squads under the ‘My Squads’ tab on your dashboard.

How many squads can I make for a single match?

You can create upto 4 individual squads for a single match. All of which you can see under the ‘My Squads’ tab on your dashboard.

Can I join the same league using multiple squads?

You can use only one squad to join a league. However, leagues which show ‘Multi Entry’ on them allow you to participate with multiple squads.

Do I get to decide which of my squads will participate in a league?

Yes! You do. You can easily pick any one of your squads from the ‘My Squad’ tab until the deadline hits.

Scores & points
How do I score points?

The points you score depend on how the players of your squad perform in the live match. So research the players well and pick your squad wisely! This is where you can refer to the ‘Updates’ section of LeagueX to get information on the matches, performance of the players, and the statistics.

When are the scores updated?

The scores (or points) are updated every few minutes! However, the final points of your squad’s total and rank are updated once the match is over. This is also the time when the winners are called out and once the squad verifies the points, winnings are distributed.

I created my squad well before the deadline, so why hasn’t my squad earned any points yet?

The scores (or points) are updated every few minutes! However, the final points of your squad’s total and rank are updated once the match is over. This is also the time when the winners are called out and once the squad verifies the points, winnings are distributed.

Which website do you use to update the points?

We make sure the points you see are verified, so we typically refer to the live feed, or in some cases, other scorecards and live feeds by governing bodies to ensure we show you the correct digits.

Does the Man of the Match get points?

Nope. There are no points awarded for Man of the Match.

How are the winnings distributed when there is a tie between two or more users?

If two or more users tie for the same rank, the winnings are distributed equally among them. However, if it's a 2-member contest, the entire amount is refunded to both users on the condition that they both had same squads, including the Captain and Vice-Captain.

If there is a Super-Over in a match, do I get points for it?

A Super Over isn’t considered in LeagueX. Therefore, the runs or wickets taken by the players are not counted in their official records.

If a player in an international match is sent off by the umpire for misconduct, does he still score points on LeagueX once he’s back on the field?

Yes. The player will continue to score and retain points on LeagueX according to our standard point system for his contribution on the field, as per the ICC Playing Conditions for International Matches (effective September 28, 2017). If such player is allowed to resume his position on field in the same match, he would be eligible to score points on field.

Which leagues I am eligible to join?

There are a number of leagues you can be a part of! You can join 2-member, 3-member, and 5-member leagues, etc depending on the number of competitors in a league. You can also join cash leagues to win some real money or the free leagues to brush up your cricket skills until you can compete in cash leagues.

How are public and private leagues different from each other?

There’s just one huge difference- public leagues can be joined by anyone whereas in private leagues, you need an invite to join. If you create a league, you can invite your friends to play via email or Facebook.

How can I create a Private League/Squad battle?

When creating a Private League, you can either create a League or a Squad Battle. Here’s how you can create a private league:

  • Pick the match you’d like to play in and click on the ‘Create League’ button.
  • Select different options to create a league of your liking and click ‘Join’.
  • Send invites via email, or by sharing an invite via Facebook.
  • The people you invite can join the league by opening the link you send to them.
How can I join a private league?

You need an invite from a fellow player to join a private league on LeagueX. Once you receive the invite, follow the steps below:

  • If you are already registered on LeagueX but have not created a squad for the match yet, you need to create a squad for the league you have received the invite for.
  • After your squad is ready, enter the invite code on the league’s page and click the ‘Join’ button. An entry fee will be deducted from your LeagueX account or if you don’t have sufficient balance, you’ll be asked to make the payment.
  • If you are a new user, you need to get registered on the platform first and then follow the same steps as mentioned here to join a league.
How can I join leagues?

To join a public league that’s open to all, simply click on the ‘Join Now’ option under a specific league you’d like to join.

How can I create a private League Vs League?

It's a good time to gang up with your friends and challenge others LeagueX users!

  • Pick the match you’d like to play in and click on the ‘Create League’ button.
  • Select League Vs League battle.
  • Set your and your opponent League names(be nice while deciding your opponent’s gang name!).
  • Send invites via email, or by sharing an invite via Facebook.
  • The people you invite can join the league by opening the link you send to them.
  • Strategize with your friends and get the best combination of squads.
  • The League with the highest total points wins!
How can I join a private League Vs League Battle?

You need an invite from a fellow player to join a private League Vs League. Once you receive the invite, follow the steps below:

  • If you are already registered on LeagueX the invite will directly take you to the League battle screen. Make sure you have strategize with your friend to have the right combination of teams.
  • Choose one of your squads to fight the battle or create a new squad and join the contest. An entry fee will be deducted from your LeagueX account or if you don’t have sufficient balance, you’ll be asked to make the payment.
  • If you are a new user, you need to get registered on the platform first and then follow the same steps as mentioned here to join a league.
How are cash and practice leagues different from each other?

Cash leagues require an entry fee to join them and you compete with other players to earn real money. The winnings are given to the player whose squad earns the highest points in the league. In a practise league, there is no entry fee involved to participate and the users can play a number of them to improve their cricket skills until they can play in cash leagues.

How do I find out if a league has a single or multiple winners?

For easy recognition, the winner(s) of a league are mentioned under the league title.

How many winners are announced for leagues with multiple winners?

The winners vary for different leagues and you can see them once the league is made available to join, by clicking on the ‘Multiple Winners’ link.

How are the winnings distributed among multiple winners?

To know how the winnings are distributed, you can click on the winners option under the League Title which gives you a drop down mentioning the range of all the winners.

How are the winnings distributed if there is a tie between the winners of a multiple winner league?

In case there’s a tie for a position, the winnings for the winners and the immediately next position(if any) and so forth in accordance with the number of tied winners, will be collected and equally distributed among the tied winners. Let’s say if there are 2 winners tied for the 1st spot, the winnings for the 1st and 2nd spot will be shared equally between these two winners. And the players scoring the second-highest will get the winnings for the 3rd spot. Currently, there are no tie breakers and consequently, all squads who score equal points are considered tied for the position.

What happens to the Fantasy match if the ODI/T20 match is cancelled?

In such case, the fantasy match shall be cancelled as well and we’ll refund you your entry fee for the cash league for both scenarios: The real match is played for a while or when it’s abandoned without any ball play.


If the real match ends up in a win to either squad or a tie(but not a ‘no result’ definitely) even if it’s not played to its completion, LeagueX will announce the results of the fantasy match according to the accumulated scorecard points. However, there are a few exceptions to this where in a result of a squad is a consequence of:

  • Super Over or Bowl Out,
  • Coin toss,
  • Prior results or relative standings of the squads in the competition, or
  • Any approach other than the ones foreseen by the official score revision rules(e.g. Duckworth Lewis Stern), related to matched affected by weather in the particular competition.

Where a fantasy match is cancelled for the reasons above or any other reasons, the entry fee of all participants for that specific match will be refunded in its entirety

What happens if a test match is a draw?

If the real test match is declared as a draw with neither squad completing a single inning, the fantasy match will be cancelled and your entry fee will be refunded. Or if the test match is declared as a draw with either squad(and not necessarily both) doesn’t complete a single inning, the fantasy match will be considered to have completed and the entry fee will not be refunded in this case. To make things clear, an innings will be considered to be completed if a batting squad either declares or get bowled out(loses all ten wickets) in such innings.

Do I win anything in a practise league?

Practise leagues are only meant to prepare you for cash leagues by giving you more experience and helping improve your skill. If you’d like to win some money, you can always join cash leagues where you can pay a little amount of money to get more winnings.

What do I win in a cash league?

How does real cash sound to you? Well, exactly that. You pay a minimum entry fee to compete in the match and when you win, you get a huge chunk of the amount accumulated after every squad owner pays the entry fee to participate in the match.

Why is there a fluctuation in ranks during a league?

Your squad earns points according to the performance of the players in the real-world matches, so the points being displayed as your total points indicate if the match is in progress or completed.

Can my friend(s) join the same league that I am a part of?

Hell yeah. One of the best parts about leagues is you get to play alongside your friends and challenge other squads. This is why we have private leagues where you can share an invite code with your friends via email or Facebook to participate in the same league!

Is there any way I can join future matches and leagues well in advance?

We know how giddy the fans get once the IPL commences, so we allow our players to pre-select their squads for all of the matches that play on LeagueX at any given point of time.

Can I view squads created by other players in a league?

Yes you can! But only after the deadline hits to maintain the element of surprise. You can view your fellow players’ squads by going to the ‘My League’ section and click on your opponent’s name to see their playing squad.

Is it possible to join a league in the middle of the series?

Yes! With our daily leagues, you can join anytime in the middle of the series that’s still running(its deadline hasn’t passed yet) and are in an equal position to win just like everyone else.

Do I need to create a separate squad for each league?

Yes. Definitely. You need to create a new squad each time you join a new league.

How does LeagueX decide the winner of a league?

Well, the squad that gets the highest points at the end of the match is announced as the winner of that league.

Why do I need to pay an entry fee to join a league?

We charge a nominal fee from our players to accessing our facilities in order to improve and maintain the infrastructure, as well as awarding the cash prizes. However, in a few cases, we refund the entry fee to your LeagueX account if a match is cancelled.

Your winnings
How will I be informed if I win a cash prize?

The ranks and points are updated and displayed during and at the end of every match. And if you win a cash prize, the winnings are automatically sent to your LeagueX Wallet.

When are the winnings distributed?

LeagueX declares and sends the winnings to your LeagueX account within a couple of hours after the match is finished. Before crediting the winnings to you, we make sure that the fantasy cricket scorecard matches the scores from the live cricket feed. Once we’re sure that the points match the scores, we update the final fantasy points and declare the winners.

Will there be a Tax Deduction on winnings?

Yes! According to Indian Tax laws a tax of 30% should be deducted at source when net winnings in a single league is more than ₹10,000.
For example: In a single League if you use entry fee of ₹500 and won ₹11,000 Your Net Winnings will be : ₹11,000 - ₹500 = ₹10,500.
Since the Net Winnings is ₹10,000+ a Tax of 30% will be deducted and Tax Certificate will be sent to your mail if you have verified the KYC with PAN Details.

Account Balance
How will I be informed if I win a cash prize?

You can see your account balance as well as your transaction history under the ‘My Wallet’ tab on your player dashboard.

How do I add more money?

To add money, all you need to do is to go to ‘My Wallet’ tab on your dashboard, and click on ‘Add Money’, and you will be directed to different modes of payment by which you can make the payment.

What are the different modes of payment to add money?

LeagueX allows you to deposit money via debit/credit card, net banking, and PayTm. If you are experiencing any payment related issues, please feel free to reach out to us from our Contact Us page.

Is it safe to pay via websites?

Without a doubt! We use only reputed and verified third party payment gateways that use multiple security checks and comply with every single law on online transactions to make sure that all our payments are encrypted and secure.

How do I get through the payment gateway?

Let us worry about this. All you need to do is to fill your correct payment details and we’ll take care of the payment process to ensure you have smooth and quick transactions.

How am I notified for any transaction?

If your transaction goes through, we will send you a confirmation email mentioning your order and the amount you deposited in your LeagueX account.

What if my account balance in not correct?

Well, that doesn’t sound right. If you think that your account balance shows some irregularities, feel free to reach out to us from the Contact Us page.

What if the amount is deducted from my card but not updated in my LeagueX account?

First off, don’t freak out. Your money is safe with us. Such issues usually occur when the transaction gets interrupted or there’s a delay in communication from the bank’s end. In this case, please send us your card/bank statement confirming the debited amount, so that we can check and rectify the error. You can reach out to us from our Contact Us page.

I’m trying to make payment via the payment gateway but I’m getting an error message.

Well, in this case the payment mode you chose may not be authorized by your bank and you may need to call them to get it fixed. Also, you can reach out to us from our Contact Us page with a screenshot of the error message so that we can help you complete your transaction.

How quickly does the deposited amounts gets reflected on my LeagueX account?

The balance in your LeagueX account gets updated as soon as you make the deposit! However, if the updated balance is not reflected in your account, please connect with us from our Contact Us page.

Can I withdraw money from my LeagueX account?

The money in your cash balance account in your LeagueX account can be easily withdrawn to your bank account. However, the cash bonus given to you by LeagueX can only be used to join cash Leagues! And the cash you win can be withdrawn to your bank account anytime.

In what order does my account balance get used for paying an entry fee for a cash League?

In order to pay for the entry fee for a Cash League, LeagueX firsts debits the entry fee amount from your Cash Balance, then from your Cash Bonus, followed by your winnings.

How do I get Cash Bonus?

You can earn Cash Bonus by inviting your friends to play on LeagueX. In your wallet, simply click on ‘Invite Friends And Earn’ to get more cash bonus. You can use this bonus to participate in any public league but you will not be able to join any private league with the same.

Do I need to undergo verification to join leagues?

Nope. You can continue to participate in leagues without verifying your account and win cash prizes that get credited to your wallet. However, you do need to verify your account when you want to withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

How can I verify my LeagueX account?

This is only a one-time process and you can verify your account by going to the ‘Withdraw Money’ tab and then complete a few details to get your account authenticated. These details are:

  • Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP received.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Upload your PAN card details/image.
  • Your bank account details.

Your PAN card gets verified within 5 working days, so we recommend that you submit your bank details after submitting the PAN information to make sure that your complete account verification is done in one go.

Can I update some details in my LeagueX account?

Easily! You can edit your name, DOB, address, mobile number, etc., by clicking on your player icon on the dashboard.

Why is the PAN card necessary to withdraw money?

Here on LeagueX, you win cash legally and withdraw your winnings from your LeagueX to your bank account, so PAN card becomes a mandatory requirement serving as a proof of identity. If you do not have a PAN card, you can still play in leagues on LeagueX and your winnings will be credited to your wallet. Meanwhile, you can apply for a PAN card and once you receive it, your account will be verified and you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Why couldn’t I verify my LeagueX account?

Well, there can be a number of reasons for this issue. Some of them being:

  • You did not upload the PAN Card which is mandatory as proof of identity.
  • You did not upload a clear picture of your PAN card.
  • PAN number on your card doesn’t match the PAN number you entered.
  • Your date of birth on PAN card does not match the one mentioned on your LeagueX account.
  • Your name on the PAN card does not match the name on the bank account.
  • IFSC code your provided in the bank details is incorrect. If you provide the IFSC code for a different bank, there are good chances that your winnings may be transferred to someone else’s account.

If your requests still gets rejected somehow, please free to connect with us from ourContact Uspage.

Money Withdrawal
How can I withdraw money from my LeagueX account?

Once your account is verified, you can withdraw an amount(minimum INR 300) by raising a request, which will reflect in your account within five business days.

Why am I not able to withdraw the Cash Bonus in my LeagueX account?

Cash Bonus is given to you by LeagueX to join leagues and win cash in return and can’t be withdrawn to your bank account. It also comes with an expiry date so use it before it vanishes!

To verify my account, what bank details do I need to give?

Well, just so we know we really are sending your winnings to you; we need the following bank account details from you: name of the account holder, name of the bank branch name, account number, and IFSC code.

Is the paid version of Fantasy Cricket legal in India?

Yes, it is! To know more, you can go to the Legal section on our website.

Am I allowed to play if I am not yet 18 years of age?

Sorry, you need to wait a few more years to play on LeagueX. Only the players over 18 years of age are allowed to play on our platform.

Do I need to pay taxes when I withdraw my winnings to my bank account?

As per the Income Tax Act 1961, taxes are deducted at source wherever applicable and paid out by us. We provide winners with TDS certificates mentioning tax deductions, if possible. However, you are still responsible for paying other applicable taxes, such as gift tax, income tax, etc., in respect to the cash money you take home. If you have more queries, please check our Terms and Conditions.

How much in taxes do I need to pay if I win more than ₹ 10, 000?

According to the Income Tax Act 1961, a tax of 30.9% is deducted if your individual winnings are more than ₹ 10,000. For example, if you win ₹ 1,00,000, you need to pay 30,900 in tax and your actual winnings stand at ₹ 69,100.

Violation of Fair Play
To keep malpractices on LeagueX at bay, below are a few practises not allowed:
  • Users are not allowed to make multiple accounts.
  • Users are not allowed to make multiple accounts by misusing a referral code to get cash bonus.
  • Submitting fake documents or uploading someone else’s documents.
Here’s what happens when we come across any of these being practised on LeagueX:
  • If we find a user playing with multiple accounts or using his/her referral link to create multiple accounts, we deactivate all those accounts.
  • If a user converts cash bonus given by us into winnings by any activities that violate our Fair Play Policy, we take back the cash bonus component of the winnings.
How do I add a debit or a credit card to my LeagueX account?

You can add a card while depositing money in your wallet. Simply go to your wallet, select ‘Add Money’ and you will see different modes of payment. You can put in an amount you want to deposit, select a payment mode and enter and save your card details for faster checkouts.

Is it safe to keep my card details with LeagueX?

Yes, absolutely! LeagueX does not store your card details, also including your cvv number. We rely on our trusted third party gateways with 3D secure authentication to ensure your transactions stay safe with us.

Can I add multiple cards to my account?

Yes! You can add any number of credit/debit cards as long as they haven’t expired.

What type of cards can be used/saved on LeagueX?

We accept all major debit/credit cards, such as Visa, Master Card, Maestro, etc.